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About Anime NewsZia

Anime Mandir now known as NewsZia, Founded in the 2019 summer and is improving towards becoming the go to go source for comic, manga and manwha, and anime industry news, discussion, and community. 

Our goal is the supply anyone interested in comics, manga, manwha and anime with latest and best information and resources that will provide a greater appreciation and investment in the said medium. 

Whether you are a life long anime and manga fan or a casual enjoyer, We are here for you.

More info about Warlords Network

Q1. What is Warlord Community? 

Warlords is an Anime community which is a service providing Network for Anime related Stuffs across Different Platforms. It is a Community made for the upbringing of Animes in India Legally and spread it across the Globe.

Q2. Who are Warlords? 

Warlords are Group of People working in the Warlord Network. For the Greater Future of Anime in India. There main Goal is to Provide Anime Legally in India.

Q3. Why we Should Support Warlords?

We need support of the anime viewers to keep us motivated to increase our anime service for Weebs. 

Your support makes us push ourselves a step further. We know our Dream of bringing anime in India is silly but what's the point of it, If we can't believe in ourselves. We won't Give up on our Dream.

Rest is upon you guys, You want to support or not.

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